‘Hobbit’ Blu-ray gets 13 extra minutes of film

Martin Freeman in "The Hobbit"

The extended Blu-ray edition of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is making its journey to market with 13 additional minutes in the film and a super-sized nine hours of extras. The upgraded home videos arrive Nov. 5. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Extended Edition" will be available as a five-disc Blu-ray set ($55 SRP) that features the Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray versions; a three-disc … [Read more...]

13 Hitchcock films debuting on Blu-ray

new alfred hitchcock blu-rays from universal

Thirteen films directed by Alfred Hitchcock will make their debut on Blu-ray as part of Universal's Sept. 25 release of "The Masterpiece Collection." The headlines will be for the long-awaited Blu-ray bows of "Rear Window," "The Birds" and "Vertigo." The other HD debuts appear to be "Saboteur," "A Shadow of a Doubt," "Rope," "The Trouble With Harry," "The Man Who Knew Too Much," "Marne," … [Read more...]

‘Chinatown’ surfaces on Blu-ray

blu-ray of chinatown movie

"Chinatown" finally is flowing to Blu-ray, with Paramount setting an April 3 release for Roman Polanski's neo-noir classic. The Blu-ray features "a new high definition transfer" along with 2 1/2 hours of extras, Paramount Home Entertainment said. The previous two DVD versions -- from 2007 and 2009 -- looked quite good, so "Chinatown" fans probably are in for a treat in HD. Audio is English … [Read more...]

‘Crime Story’ retold on DVD set

Ray Luca and Dennis Farina in Crime Story

Michael Mann's gritty, compelling and sometimes ridiculous "Crime Story" was the producer-director's 1986 follow-up to "Miami Vice." Set in pre-Miranda 1963, the NBC show followed Lt. Mike Torello (Dennis Farina) as he led a major-crimes unit specializing in making the Windy City too hot for hip gangster Ray Luca (Anthony Denison). In season 2, the action moved to Las Vegas, where Mann's love … [Read more...]

‘Star Wars’ on Blu-ray details

star wars actors in image for blu-ray post

"Star Wars: The Complete Saga" on Blu-ray touches down Sept. 16 with more than 40 hours of extra features. All six "Star Wars" movies are rendered in high-definition with 6.1 DTS Surround Sound. The sticker price is $140, but Amazon already has the nine-disc Blu-ray set "Star Wars: The Complete Saga" discounted to $90. The movies are George Lucas' latest versions, with upgraded effects and … [Read more...]