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Orson Welles in F for Fake

‘F for Fake': Welles’ last magic trick

File "F for Fake" under truth in advertising. After all, this is not a real Orson Welles movie -- at least not in the sense of "Touch of Evil," or even "The Magnificent Ambersons." Welles took an unfinished documentary shot by someone else, tacked on some hocus-pocus at the beginning and end, … [More]

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Woody Allen, director

Allen series to Amazon

Woody Allen will write and direct his first television series for Amazon. "I don't know how I got into this," the indie … [More]

HBO Go logo

HBO cuts cord

The main event in streaming video looks to be HBO vs. Netflix. The veteran pay cable service confirmed plans to offer a … [More]

Michelle Yeoh in Crouching Tiger film

‘Crouching’ Netflix

Fifteen years after "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" dazzled Western audiences with its wuxia moves, the martial arts adventure … [More]

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Criterion film review

Fab Four in A Hard Day's Night

‘A Hard Day’s Night’ on Blu-ray

The long-awaited Blu-ray of "A Hard Day's Night" comes with the prominent subtitle: Directed by Richard Lester. Truth in packaging, as the Criterion Collection's smashing release of the Beatles' film puts the focus squarely on the iconoclastic director, whose vision and bravery under … [More...]

Criterion film review


‘Foreign Correspondent': Hitch at war

The Brits excelled at propaganda movies, an awkward genre that nonetheless produced a handful of classics -- say, Noel Coward's "In Which We Serve" and the Archers' "The 49th Parallel." MIA from the brisk U.K. propaganda effort was one Alfred Hitchcock, the director who'd found fame combining … [More]

Blu-ray film review

Robert Carradine played the young Sam Fuller character in The Big Red One

Fuller’s ‘Big Red One’ botched on Blu-ray

Sam Fuller's "The Big Red One," a lost platoon of a movie that was cut to shreds upon initial release, finally came home to a hero's welcome in 2005 with the release of "The Reconstruction." What appeared to theatrical audiences of 1980 as a ragtag chronicle of young men at … [More...]

Blu-ray film review

Orson Welles in Touch of Evil Blu-ray

‘Touch of Evil’ on Blu-ray, times 3

The three faces of "Touch of Evil" make their U.S. debuts on Blu-ray in Universal's "limited edition" rerelease of the dark Orson Welles classic. The Blu-ray release is essentially a rerun of the October 2008 "50th Anniversary Edition," complete with director Welles' pleading and cajoling notes … [More]

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