‘Orange’ back June 6

Taylor Schilling in Orange Is the New Black

"Orange Is the New Black" returns June 6, Netflix has confirmed. The news was unveiled to binge-watchers of "House of Cards," which began its second season Feb. 14 -- the announcement no doubt incentive for "Cards" fans to keep their memberships going until the next burst of "Orange." The adaptation of Piper Kerman's memoir was widely praised by TV critics and brought star Taylor Schilling a Golden Globe nomination. (The prison drama did not air in time for Emmy consideration.) Read the … [Read more...]

‘House of Cards’: Feb. 14

Kevin Spacey, Emmy nominee for House of Cards

Here's some love from Netflix: "House of Cards" returns Valentine's Day. The second season of the David Fincher series returns with stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, both nominated for Emmys for their work on the Netflix original. (Neither won.) The series, based on the BBC black comedy of the same name, also garnered an Emmy nom as best drama series and then a half dozen Golden Globe mentions in mid-December. "House of Cards" is widely credited with putting Netflix in the big … [Read more...]

Carter filing Amazon pilot

chris carter of x-files

Amazon has graduated to hourlong dramas. Chris Carter of "X-Files" fame is creating the pilot "The After," while the Harry Bosch detective books provide inspiration for another. As with previous Amazon pilots, with customers will vote on whether they live on as series on the Amazon Prime service. Pencil it in as a landslide for Carter's new show, about people "who are thrown together by mysterious forces and must help each other survive in a violent world that defies explanation." Actors … [Read more...]

Family plot for Netflix

Sony Pictures Television logo

Netflix and Sony Pictures TV are in the family way. The streaming media provider has exclusive rights to a new original drama from the creators of FX's acclaimed "Damages." It's billed as "a suspenseful family drama" kicking off with 13 episodes. The deal, which is exclusive in Netflix's coverage areas, is the first the streaming media company has made for original content from a Hollywood major. Netflix hits "Orange Is the New Black" and "House of Cards" came from indie … [Read more...]

3 Emmys to Netflix

Kevin Spacey, Emmy nominee for House of Cards

The Netflix original "House of Cards" picked up nine Emmy nominations, helping streaming video make a splashy entrance into the showbiz awards arena. Netflix thanked the TV industry for a "warm welcome." Kevin Spacey (Francis Underwood) of "House of Cards" was nominated for best actor in a drama series, while Robin Wright (Claire Underwood) picked up a nom as best actress. (Update: "House of Cards" won three Emmys, including one for David Fincher for direction for a drama series.) The … [Read more...]

D’Works originals to Netflix

Kung Fu Panda

Netflix has made its largest deal yet for original content, inking with DreamWorks Animation for 300 hours of original content. The move helps fill the void left by the departure of most Nickelodeon kids series on Netflix. It also add fuel to the streaming media company's original content program, increasingly seen as its long-term survival strategy. Netflix now has made significant deals on exclusive original content for adults, teens and children. DreamWorks will employ its stable of … [Read more...]

Big binge for ‘Arrested’

Arrested Development matriarch

Netflix served up an entire new season of "Arrested Development" over the holiday weekend, and fans immediately binged on the 15-episode feast, according to a quickie usage study. One DSL network showed that 36 percent of devices accessing Netflix on Sunday watched at least one episode of "Arrested Development," broadband analysts Procera said. That was three times the viewing reported for Netflix's other 2013 hit, "House of Cards." Netflix wasn't talking about its traffic numbers, as … [Read more...]

‘SNL’ classics to Yahoo

jim belushi as samurai

" 'Saturday Night Live' has pervaded and defined our culture for decades," Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says. Now, 38 years worth of "SNL" will be pervading Yahoo. Archived content from the NBC comedy chestnut will flow exclusively to Yahoo video come September, covering the years 1975 through 2012. The classic "SNL" clips will be coming down from Hulu and even NBC.com under the deal, which lasts for a year. The adventures of the Blues Brothers, the Coneheads, Sarah Palin, the Wayne's World … [Read more...]

Netflix’s strong hand

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Citing "a general recovery of the brand," Netflix told Wall Street what it wanted to hear with its first-quarter earnings, and then some. The streaming video/DVD rental company added more than 3 million sign-ups in the quarter, for a total of 36 million subscribers. Its stock soared 24 percent after earnings were announced April 22. In the U.S., the subscriber count topped 29 million, giving the online video service at least as many subscribers as HBO. Perhaps to ease any fears of … [Read more...]

Wachowskis link to Netflix

Lana Wachowski

Netflix has snagged the Wachowski duo for the original series "Sense8," billed as "a gripping global tale of minds linked and souls hunted." The techno-thriller debuts exclusively on Netflix in "late 2014." It tells of a group of psychically linked people who are being hunted by the powers that be. The Wachowskis, famed for "The Matrix" trilogy, are working with "Babylon 5" veteran Joe Straczynski. The announcement comes on the heels of Netflix's success with the Kevin Spacey political … [Read more...]

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